Hammerhead Go Karts

Why buy a Polaris - Hammerhead Go Kart?

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Hammerhead part of the Polaris Family has been manufacturing all-terrain go-karts for 15 years. For the last several years, TireMax Auto & Cycle in Virginia has offered this safe, affordable choice for family fun!

Their impressive capabilities are illustrated through, innovative designs, unique features and exceptional quality. All of their karts provide a safe alternative to ATVs and other off-road machines as they come complete with disc brakes, a reinforced steel roll cage and both, passenger and driver safety belts.

Do you sell them in a box?

No, Hammerhead Karts are only sold through authorized dealers. Hammerhead in a box.jpgHere at TireMax in Richmond, VA, we make sure that when you purchase your Kart it is completely assembled, running, and tested to insure you are getting a quality product. Not just a box of parts. What happens if one essential part is missing or damaged from the crate? You can be waiting for some time to get a replacement… Not a concern with a Hammerhead!


All Hammerhead go karts come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor. We provided warranty service here at TireMax. You do not have to ship parts back to some company and wait for them to evaluate the part and then ship you a replacement (by the way, shipping is usually at your expense). Make sure you read the fine print on any online purchase regarding warranty coverage or shipping and freight damages.


The Hammerhead line of karts can provide affordable fun and entertainment for the entire family. The new Torpedo and Mudhead are actually assembled in the USA, using a quality LCT engines. Hammerhead offers a complete line of karts for any age, gender, style or budget ranging from the Torpedo, all the way up to our elite GTS Platinum.

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Hammerhead -- "PLAY SAFE. . . PLAY HARD!"